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Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology-led production-oriented enterprise, which was established in 1999. Mainly engaged in the development, design and manufacture of hydraulic system, hydraulic transmission and control system and centralized oil supply and lubrication system."Credit first, customer first" is our permanent commitment.We believe that it is more important to provide perfect service than sales.We are willing to provide you with pre-sale consultation and relevant industry information to create the greatest profit space for you.

Pultrusion Machinery Cases

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Products Design

From 3 to 40 tonnes capacity,7 types of standard machines,Ancillary processing equipment,design of pultrusion plants and workshops.
Pultrusion Mold Design

Offering formmulas moulds and preformed design as well as technical guiding documents.
Trial Production Of Products

Assist customers to make qualified pultruded products.

Technical Training

Traning technical operation personnel.


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