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Advantages Of Pultrusion Process In 2020

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Advantages Of Pultrusion Process In 2020


What is pultrusion?

Advantage of pultrusion

1. What is pultrusion?

  • This is a continuous process of manufacturing a composite material with a constant cross section.

  • Pultrusion is a combination of two words, namely “pulling” and “extrusion”.

  • In contrast to the squeeze operation by pushing the material, the pultrusion operation works by pulling the material.

  • Pultrusion FRP parts are usually made by a pultrusion process, which produces a continuous composite profile by pulling the original composite through a heated mold.

2. Advantage of pultrusion in 2020

Producing FRP products,many products in various industries use glass fiber reinforced materials.

Listed as

  • FRP window frame pultrusion die

  • Electrical insulation

  • Electrical trunking

  • Decking

  • Handrails

  • Grating

3. Manufacture composite materials

The man-made materials that aid in the construction is referred to as composite materials

Listed as:

  • Wind turbine blades

  • Boats and marine

  • Sports goods such as fishing rods, tennis rackets

  • Roof structure

  • e.Building, bridge

Theadvantage of the products that you use the pultrusion.

  • Increase strength
    The pultrusion process enhances the strength of pultruded products, improves product quality, and is stronger than steel.

  • Light weight
    Pultrusions are as light as 80% lighter than steel and as much as 30% lighter than aluminum, making them alternatives that require weight reduction.

  • Corrosion resistance
    Pultrusion parts have good corrosion resistance in a variety of corrosive chemicals and environments, and are superior to other items.

  • Insulator
    Glass fiber pultrusion is non-conductive, making it ideal for electrical insulation applications. This makes them suitable for mast and various radome applications.

  • Low cost
    Pultrusion parts do not require long-term maintenance, and have a long service life, solid quality, simple installation, and light weight, which greatly reduces labor costs and transportation costs in various industries.

Therefore, more industries will use pultrusion processes and pultrusion products in 2020 and in the future.



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