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Auto Lube Systems | LUBRICATION TECHNOLOGIES | Lube Systems

Views: 233     Author: Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.     Publish Time: 2020-04-01      Origin: Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Auto Lube Systems | LUBRICATION TECHNOLOGIES | Lube Systems

Auto Lube Systems | LUBRICATION TECHNOLOGIES | Lube Systems


The majority of failures are caused from the contamination of bushings by dust and dirt and moisture and inadequate amounts of grease applied to bearings or over-greasing of key pivot points.

The correct amount of lubricant at the correct time partners with the most in the industry to ensure that our customers have access to the lubrication dispensing system that best fits the requirements of each application. 

We offer automatic lubrication systems also referred to as automatic grease lubrication systems auto lube systems and for wheel loaders, auto lube systems for heavy equipment, auto lube systems for trucks, and components for all manufacturing, transportation, maintenance, and industrial applications. 

Automatic lubricant dispensers are generally worthwhile in situations with a relatively time- or labour-intensive relubrication need by providing a continuous supply of the optimal amount of lubricant without additional cost or endeavour. They enable you to effectively reduce effort and conserve resources.

In addition, with the optimal combination of lubricant and refillable dispenser, you can significantly improve safety by reducing maintenance activities in hazardous areas to the minimum necessary.

Furthermore, with the appropriate lubricator there is a reduced need to shut down machines for maintenance, so you can extend maintenance intervals to reduce associated costs.

Complete systems and individual components available.

We have designed and installed systems for power plants, paper mills, CNC machines, packaging facilities, food processing equipment, heavy equipment, trucks, and many other applications, both large and small.

We can provide different kinds of divder and each divider valve can serve between 3 and 20 outlets with accurate discharge to each point. The distribution system is reliable and can be monitored by an electrical switch on the primary divider, as well as visual observation of an indicator pin.

The series progressive lubrication systems (automatic lubrication systems, centralized lubrication systems) meter oil or grease (up to NLGI 2) via distribution blocks (divider valves) to lubricate the friction points of the machines. 

Pumps are available in 12 or 24 VDC, 220VAC/230VAC. We offer Integrated controllers as well

Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic is the lubrication experter in China

Direct costs resulting from inadequate greasing can include: replacement bearings; labor to repair or replace bearings.

Lost time and its impact on customer service and on-road time and replacement truck rental costs. Indirect, but very real costs of inadequate greasing include: wasted grease, environmental issues, safety or housekeeping issues, and higher labour costs related to inefficient manual greasing practices.

Bearing failure resulting from improper greasing is a major cause of equipment downtime and significant unnecessary maintenance costs in todays environment. 





Points serviced by Automatic Greasing Systems on standard truck.The Auto Greasing system dispenses small measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while your equipment is operating, maintaining a consistent grease seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from migrating into bearings.

It will help keep your rolling equipment out on the road making money and reduce your labor costs when compared to the traditional method of point-by-point manual greasing.Completely reliable and fully automatic, Haoli greaser will increase your component life and overall productivity. 


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