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Carbon Pultrusion Machine

Carbon Pultrusion Machine, find complete details about Carbon Pultrusion Machine, pulling force, fiberglass or carbon glass, pultrusion die - Haoli Pultruion and Lubrication
  • HLYLJ-10T

Carbon Pultrusion Machine

Pultrusion technology:

haoli pultursion pulling force 10T,clamping force 10Tpulling speed 0.1-1.5m/min

easy replacement of clamps and suite for different shapes with fiberglass or carbon glass

The length of the pultrusion die is generally 0.6-1.2m.

Pultrusion process:

 Under certain temperature conditions, the gelation time of the resin system is very important to determine the process parameter speed. 

Generally speaking, when choosing the pultrusion speed, full consideration must be given to the product to solidify in the mold, that is, the point of separation is in the middle and as far as possible.

If the pultrusion speed is too fast, the product is poorly cured or cannot be cured, it directly affects the product quality; if the pultrusion speed is too slow, the profile stays in the mold for too long, the product is cured too much, and the production efficiency is reduced.

When the pultrusion process is started, the speed should be slowed down, and then gradually increased to the normal pultrusion speed. The general pultrusion speed is 0.5-1.3m / min. One of the development directions of modern pultrusion technology is high speed.

rodpultrusion process steps:

1:Raw Materials are Fed into the Guide 

2:Resin Impregnation

 3:Into the Heated Pool

 4:Separation  Carbon fiber pultruded products are widely used, low cost and solid quality Examples: carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber rodcarbon products


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