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FRP Pultrusion Machine

  • HLYLJ-6T

Frp door and frp grating  pultrusion machinery

Frp products machinery

Haoli's pultrusion machinery can produce different structural shapes,different fiberglass reinforced plastic frp.

  • The frp products has different resin system and can do different colour.We can fo fire retardant and

  • The dark gray is popular or the light gray and with different corrosion resistance. We do can gritted surface on the panel.The panel sizes can be order.

  • molded gratings and grating panel and wall paneling and pultruded fiberglass grating

  • pultrded fiberglass graing

  • Above product can work at heavy duty filed

  • pulling force 6T

  • clamping force 6T

  • pulling speed 0.1-1.5m/min

  • easy adjustment of speed and pressure features poleless speed-adjustment and pressure-adjustment

 The pultrusion process is composed of yarn feeding, glue soaking, pre forming, curing, drawing, cutting and other processes. After roving out of the frame, the roving device enters the resin grooves through the guide yarn device to soak the resin glue, and then enters the pre forming die to discharge the excess resin and bubbles, and then enter the forming mold to gel and solidify. The solidified products are pulled out from the mould continuously by the tractor, and finally cut off by the cutter.


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