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Pultrusion Equipment

Pultrusion Equipment, find complete details about Pultrusion Equipment, pultrusion machine manufacturer in HAOLI, small and medium sized frp products, caterpillar pultrusion machine - Haoli Pultruion and Lubrication
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Pultrusion machinery manufacturer in China

HAOLI The caterpillar pultrusion machine is suitable for producing small and medium sized FRP products;


The pultrusion speed is stable and the low speed is stable;


Hydraulic automatic clamping;


Low power consumption.


Pultrusion can be used to manufacture a variety of materials, including fiberglass and carbon fiber extrusion parts, which can have a variety of cross sections, such as I-beam.


Composite fiber pultrusion material is a kind of widely used material.


They are light and strong and can be used for many purposes.


Examples of using these materials include: tennis rackets, many domestic ladders, tool handles, pipes made in China, and so on.





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