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Pultrusion Molding

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Haoli specializes in manufacturing FRP pultrusion mold

Pultrusion Molding Characteristics:

1. Material :high qualified die steel process through forging

2. Process :follow from hardening and tempering and quenching in final

3. Machineery :cnc center and higher accuracy grinder

4. Final process:hard chrome-plating or nitriding treatment.


The function of  frp pultrusion forming  die is to realize the compaction, forming and solidification of blank.

The molding shrinkage of resin should be considered in the mold section size.

The length of die is related to curing speed, die temperature, product size, pultrusion speed, properties of reinforcement materials, etc., generally 600-1200mm.

The cavity finish should be high to reduce friction, prolong service life and easy to demould.

Usually electric heating is used, and microwave heating is used for high-performance composite materials.

Cooling device shall be provided at die population to prevent premature curing of glue.

The relative density (viscosity) and impregnation time of the glue solution are mainly controlled in the impregnation process. The requirements and influencing factors are the same as that of prepreg.



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