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Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology-led production-oriented enterprise, which was established in 1999. Mainly engaged in the development, design and manufacture of pultrusion machine for hydraulic system, hydraulic transmission and control system and centralized lubrication system.


In 2000, Haoli Pultrusion machine took the lead in the field of composite materials. It is the first enterprise to digest and absorb FRP pultrusion technology imported from abroad for domestic related institutes and provide self-produced pultrusion units. Our company has transferred FRP profile extrusion technology to many enterprises.


In recent years, with the in-depth development of the composite industry in China, the company has developed a series of FRP pultrusion products to meet the needs of the development of composite materials. At present, the company has provided customers with a large number of pultrusion lines. Practice has proved that our products have high reliability and are more suitable for the needs of pultrusion industry in China. Products are exported to the Middle East and Europe. The company is a member of China Composite Material Corporation.

Centralized lubrication  system is one of the products developed and produced by our company. It has been widely used in various mechanical transmission occasions such as CNC machine tools, textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, stamping machinery, plastic machinery and heat treatment equipment.


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