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fiberglass pultrusion manufacturers

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fiberglass pultrusion manufacturers

pultrusion process | pultrusion line|Nanjing Haoli iberglass pultrusion manufacturers

Nanjing Haoli as a fiberglass pultrusion manufacturers,has worked in the pultruded site nearly 20 years.

And provide the machiney to many frp pultrusion manufactuer in China at high cost effective price.

Now what 's pultrusion?| manufacturing process

The pultrusion can produce the same cross sections profiles & constant cross section .

Because the pultrusion is a continuous process.

Haoli's pultruded fiberglass pul the fiber reinforcement out from the mold.

The cured profile has the many good advantages.

It has good corrosion resistance .So the custom pultrusions profile can be designed based on the usage.We usually call it reinforcement materials.

We can pull the fiberglass rods and fiberglass grating and many pultruded composite

20Tpultrusion machinery


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