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Pultrusion Manufacturing Machine in2020
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Pultrusion manufacturing machine in 2020 With servo controller Low noise and energy save 50% compare the traditional hydraulic machinery.

Advantages of pultrusion system:

This is a low-cost automated system with minimal manual intervention to produce high-quality products.

Compared with other composite processing methods, the surface finish of the product is high.

Because it is a continuous production process, productivity is high.

This is a straightforward process and does not require specific labor skills.

Easy to handle and low maintenance costs.

Producing FRP products,many products in various industries use glass fiber reinforced materials.

Listed as:

a.FRP window frame pultrusion die

b.Electrical insulation

c.Electrical trunking




Manufacture composite materials The man-made materials that aid in the construction is referred to as composite materials.

Listed as:

a.Wind turbine blades

b.Boats and marine

c.Sports goods such as fishing rods, tennis rackets

d.Roof structure e.Building, bridge

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