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Epoxy resin injection machine

The custom-made epoxy pultrusion machine for pultrusion molding of composite materials is in the process of packaging and ready for delivery.

The two-component intelligent proportioning glue injection system for pultrusion process is a kind of glue injection system specially designed by Nanjing Haoli Hydraulic Co., Ltd. for customers, which can be applied to the production of two-component epoxy resin and polyurethane composite pultrusion molding.

The injection machine has the advantages of accurate and stable output, automatic material extraction, adjustable proportion, simple control, stable injection pressure, etc.

It can be used in the pultrusion production line of epoxy resin and polyurethane, which can meet the requirements of different glue proportion and different product output.

Haoli intelligent glue injection machine is equipped with the safest, high efficiency, high precision, high intelligence, high matching stability, rapid prototyping, 24-hour continuous production, stable glue injection pressure, accurate matching, simple operation, simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost; with pipeline heating.

Introduction of Haoli epoxy resin glue injection machine:

1.Stainless steel and paint rack of resin glue injection machine;

2.The mixing ratio is between 1:1-5:1, which can be adjusted arbitrarily on the touch screen;

3. Mixing mode: static mixer;

4. Maximum conveying pressure 4MPa;

5. Temperature control range 0-100 degrees;

6. International brand PLC control;

7. Flow range 0-600ml / min (adjustable);

8. Automatic picking system

9. Automatic return system

Pultrusion resin injection machine

A. The effective super large volume of B material barrel is 100L * 2 barrels. The material barrel is resistant to high temperature and does not stick. The lower limit of the lower limit automatically alarms to remind manual feeding. A and B material barrels are equipped with air filtering and drying devices to prevent raw materials from getting damp.

A. B material barrel can be set to work separately. This equipment is also applicable to single component resin. Resin injection machine barrel has mixer, a and B material barrels have automatic feeding and feeding function.

A. A 6L pressure buffer tank is equipped in the middle of blanking port and metering pump of B barrel, which can replace large tank to complete small batch proofing production on the one hand; on the other hand, the fast cleaning of pump body, pipeline and injection box can be realized by cleaning buffer tank, which can ensure long-term shutdown without worrying about the phenomenon of solidified skin, stuck and blocked pipe.

PLC programming control, international imported full touch color control screen, with parameter locking function, to prevent irrelevant personnel from modifying parameters.

Imported electrical appliances and Schneider servo motor control Taiwan's corrosion-resistant high-precision gear pump with accuracy within ± 1%; it can continuously supply materials, ensure the proportion and measurement accuracy, and ensure the set injection pressure.

The equipment is equipped with ambient temperature and humidity display, which is convenient for on-site technicians to adjust the glue injection equipment in real time to pursue high-quality profile output.

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