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Knowledgeable Use of Carbon Pultrusion Equipment
 Oct 10, 2019|View:252

Carbon pultrusion equipment is specially used to produce activated carbon fiber, which is of great significance in improving the production efficiency and saving time of glass manufacturing industry. Moreover, carbon pultrusion equipment is different from our daily contact equipment, its operation is relatively dangerous, so it is necessary to master the use of knowledge carbon fiber steel.

The training of equipment is the first step for novice Xiaobai to master. The manufacturer should give strict training to employees to prevent accidents. Next, we should pay attention to the oil temperature of the pump in the first use of the machine should be between 15 55 C, less than 15 C need to be preheated, otherwise higher than 55 need to stop cooling.

The daily lubrication of carbon pultrusion equipment should not be neglected. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate the carbon pultrusion equipment regularly, which can prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the production efficiency of carbon pultrusion equipment carbon laminate.