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Automatic Grease Dispenser

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Automatic Grease Dispenser

An automatic lubricator is designed to automatically supply a small quantity of clean grease or oil to a lubrication point on a regular basis, thus improving bearing performance. 

Key benefits of using an automatic lubricator are improved employee safety, increased machine reliability and optimized maintenance operations.

Haoli smart lubricators are suitable for a variety of applications but often are used on pumps, electric motors, fans, blowers, conveyors and chains. They can be adjusted to make sure that the correct quantity of lubricant is delivered to the lubrication point during a predetermined period of time. This provides a more accurate control of the amount of lubricant supplied, when compared to traditional manual lubrication techniques. For an optimum flexibility according to application conditions, three series are available

  • Lasting protection against environmental challenges: dust, dirt and moisture are often the cause of extensive production outages

  • Metered lubricant dispensing: automatic lubricant dispensers allow individual adjustment of dispensed amounts to prevent both over and under lubrication

  • Well proven for individual requirements: suitable for both single-point and multi-point lubrication systems

  • High-grade solutions: competence and expertise based on 90 years of research and experience

  • Broad product portfolio: refillable lubricators are available dispensing both high-performance oils or greases

What are lubricant dispensers?

Lubricant dispensers act as controlled lubricant sources. They supply a defined amount of lubricating grease or lubricating oil to a lubrication point at regular intervals.

This helps to keep your production equipment up and running.

You can also use automatic lubricant dispensers to optimise the quantity of lubricant applied. This ensures that lubrication is both efficient and that friction points are continuously supplied with sufficient lubricant.

The result: With the appropriate lubricant dispenser and lubricant amounts individually adjusted to your application, you avoid the risks of both over and under lubrication. The lubrication point receives the optimal amount of lubricant and, thanks to the closed system, it is also protected against environmental factors such as dust, dirt and moisture.

Benefits of lubricant dispensers: working efficiently thanks to undisrupted production

Automatic lubricant dispensers can be used in many different applications and generally they will need to be adapted to your individual conditions. Nevertheless, there are some application areas that especially benefit from automatic lubricators, such as:

  • Roller bearings

  • Sliding bearings

  • Linear guides

  • Open gears

  • Chains

  • Shaft seals

  • Spindles

Automatic lubricant dispensers are generally worthwhile in situations with a relatively time- or labour-intensive relubrication need by providing a continuous supply of the optimal amount of lubricant without additional cost or endeavour. They enable you to effectively reduce effort and conserve resources.

In addition, with the optimal combination of lubricant and refillable dispenser, you can significantly improve occupational safety by reducing maintenance activities in hazardous areas to the minimum necessary.

Furthermore, with the appropriate lubricator there is a reduced need to shut down machines for maintenance, so you can extend maintenance intervals and reduce associated costs.

Proven expertise for your machines and plants

To enable a lubricant to provide effective long-term protection against wear and environmental factors for your machines and spare you potential production loss, it is important to choose the right dispenser for the lubricant.

Klübermatic automatic lubricant dispensers from Klüber Lubrication are more than just high-performance products. As a result of many years of research and practical experience, they are unique worldwide and repeatedly set new standards in the industry. This allows our customers to benefit from this competence that makes our products unique. No matter whether it's a basic version or a premium product, we find the best solution for every requirement.

Single-point lubricant dispenser
An automatic single-point lubricant dispenser is attached to a single point (the lubrication nipple) and continuously supplies it with the right quantity of oil or grease. Especially in the areas of tool making, machine construction or vehicle manufacturing, this ensures the long-term supply of sufficient lubricant to a specific point.

Multi-point lubrication system
In a multi-point lubrication system, by contrast, there is a central unit that supplies the optimal amount of oil or grease to several lubrication nipples or components at the same time.

Particularly with complex systems of this sort, valuable time can be saved along with maintenance expense when implementing an automatic lubricant dispenser.

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