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Carbon Pultrusion Suppliers in China

Carbon Pultrusion Suppliers in China, find complete details about Carbon Pultrusion Suppliers in China, pultrusion process composite manufacturing, Intelligent pultrusion machine, Energy saving, memory pultrusion machine - Haoli Pultruion and Lubrication

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Carbon Pultrusion Suppliers in China

Pultrusion is a cost-effective, continuous process used to form composites into long, consistent shapes like rods or bars. 

Strands of reinforcing fibers are pulled through a resin bath to saturate them, then pulled through heated steel molds that sculpt the composites into continuous lengths.

 Pultrusion produces profiles with extremely high fiber loading, and is used to make products such as beams, channels, pipes, tubing, fishing rods and golf club shafts.

Intelligent Energy saving, memory ecarbon pultrusion suppliers in china,Nanjing Haoli since 1999, specializing in pultrusion machine equipment and production lines.


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